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Program Director
  • Danica Joan Fields, MEd
    Executive Director/Author
    Phone:   863-686-1221
    Email:     danica@danicajoan.com

    I have been a television producer, scriptwriter, graphic designer, photographer, video editor, college professor, elementary school teacher, curriculum author, executive director, business owner, anger management/domestic violence specialist, traffic school instructor, family mediator, waitress, receptionist, and even an ordained minister.

    If you read my resume, you'd probably think, "wow, this woman has done everything," and yet the insecure little girl hidden underneath the achievements is really who drives me to be who I am. I just want to make my trip around this big blue marble mean something.

    I grew up being raised by my very strong and determined mother. She had a tough upbringing and was determined to make it different for her children. My father traveled most of the time, so it was like living in a single parent home in many respects. My mother was always over worked, and frustrated that she had to do it alone. Yet, we saw our father as the knight in shining armor, because when he came home, for a day or two, everything was perfect. We resented our mother and adored our father with no justification other than feelings.

    By 2001, I was the mother of five adoring sons, yet extremely miserable in my marriage and feeling terribly unaccomplished. I had spent a decade trying to fill many roles in my list to please my husband in hopes that I could feel good enough for myself. One day I woke up and I decided to take a turn from this predictable dysfunctional future that lay ahead for my family, so I left the marriage. The door that I walked through at that very moment would transform me into the lifelong family advocate I am now. Little did I know the hell I would stir up.

    I have endured arrest, been on welfare, accused of child abuse, alienated from my children and ostracized by my community. I have overcome a husband's infidelity, parented drug-addicted step children, and in nearly half a million dollars in tax debt.

    All of which I have survived and overcome.
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    • MEd - American Intercontinental University
    • BFA - American Intercontinental University
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • Supreme Court of Florida
    • DCF Certified Co-Parenting Instructor/Author
    • Anger Management/Domestic Violence Specialist- NAMA
    • Strategic Divorce/ Family Life Coach
    • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
    • American Probation and Parole Association
    • Circuit 10 Guardian Ad Litem
    • Circuit 10 Domestic Violence Task Force
    • Circuit 10 Partners In Crisis Community Consortium
    • Certified K-12 Educator - Florida DOE
    Services Provided:
    • Strategic Custody Coaching
    • Family Mediation
    • Co-Parenting & Parent Education Classes
    • Domestic Violence Courses for Offenders
    • Anger Management Courses for Offenders
    • Corporate Training/Public Speaking
    • Education for Traffic Offenders
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Casselberry/Orlando Classroom
  • Karen Hays, MBA
    Director of Education

    A graduate at Rollins College with academy interest aimed at leadership and learning, Karen's undergraduate degree is in Organizational Behavior and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

    A recent course inspired a dream to offer a supportive environment, life skills and "tiny home" ownership to foster children while attending a local college. Her attendance this summer at numerous sessions offered by the Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center at Rollins will help guide the creation of a non-profit organization called Arbor Path.

    Joining Karen in this grand adventure are daughter Melissa, a graduate of Calvin College, and her very supportive husband, Mitch. With her teaching role at Florida Court Ordered for anger management, co-parenting and traffic classes and volunteering at Northland Church, her life is blissfully complete.
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    • BA- Organizational Behavior, Rollins College
    • MBA
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • Florida Providers for Traffic Safety- Member
    • Certified Traffic School Instructor
    Services Provided:
    • Advanced Driver Improvement Instruction
    • Basic Driver Improvement Instruction
    • Traffic Laws & Substance Abuse Instruction
    • DCF Co-Parenting Instruction
Lakeland/Plant City Classroom
  • Kelly Ford, BA
    Director of Advocacy

    Kelly Ford has been in the business of breaking destructive cycles for two decades. She started serving others in urban ministry back in 1998 by working with her professors and local clergy to start Neighborhood Ministries. This ministry offered after school support to children and youth in the community by providing a healthy snack, tutoring, life-skills, counseling and ancillary support to families in crisis free of charge. This ministry is still in existence today.

    She was flying high in her career when the heartbreak of divorce, mental illness and poor decisions took Kelly to a place that forced her to look at herself and change. This change took years to realize and many agonizing and lonely self-revelations later we have arrived at Kids Need Both which has turned into her passion and purpose.

    Kelly brings not just her education (Psychology/Behavior Modification), but also life experience, sharp wit, keen insights, straight talk and tangible take-aways for individuals and families that are drowning in uncertainty and hurt. Healing is possible. We can do it together.
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    • BA Psychology
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • DCF Certified Co-Parenting Instructor
    • Anger Management/Domestic Violence Specialist
    Services Provided:
    • Lifeskills/Parenting/Co-parenting Coach
    • Public Speaker

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